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Our Process

SilverStripers are web developers operating from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Over the years we've made websites for individuals, music bands, ticketing agencies, booking centers, hotels etc. We use cutting edge technologies to make websites, and by now almost any website we make support mobile devices and uses responsive techniques. 

We are very focused at web strandards, speed of applications, usability, and maintainability of code. Speaking a bit techy we belive in good, readable code, we make sure any code we write meet the standards, and is readable. We've wrote millions of lines of code, and have learnt many good things.


HTML 5 / CSS 3

Pixel perfect html css

We use the latest technologies, we code HTML 5 / CSS 3, and make websites using responsive techniques supporting modile devices. We thrive for pixel perfect HTML / CSS.


E-Commerce websites

Sell online with GoldStripe

We make e-commerce websites, and 100, 000s of transactions have been made by our code to date. We are very proud to present you our e-commerce software GoldStripe. 

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SilverStripe Developers

A rock solid framework

We use SilverStripe framework to develop websites, and we are specilized in developing with SilverStripe. We are one of the early adopters of SilverStripe, and have given back a lot of code to the open source community.

SilverStripe is an award winning open source web development framework.

Looking for GoldStripe?

GoldStripe is our e-commerce software.

GoldStripe is designed for businesses to sell online, and it has got all the functionalities an online ecommerce business needs, eg: Stock control, Taxes, Shipping, CMS, Image galleries, Messaging, and many more. 

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What we've been saying

Office new additions

Lately our office manager has been working on updating the look of our office. Here are some photos of what she did. 

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How Outsourcing can work with SilverStripers

We are a company who works as outsourcing partners with many other agencies. Together we have build hundrads of websites in the last 3 years. This post is about how it works with us. 

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